It’s not just a haircut, It’s an experience

About Farah

I’m from Iran where I earn my master degree.​​ I was a teacher in Iran and held a high position in the board of education before I came to the United States of America in 1982. I started this Job because of my passion for fashion and beauty. I’m a professional stylist with 35 years of experience, I love my Job.
Because of my experience as a teacher, I like to teach and train my stylists, and this is the reason why I have a successful salon. I established this brand and created a legacy with my years of experience in beauty and fashion services throughout America. What makes us unique is our iconic brand. 
At Farah's Beauty Hair Salon, we can discover natural beauty with world-class products, treatments, and services personalized to our client’s specific need. Our capability to fuse fashion, hairdressing and beauty care with commercial viability and innovative styles along with our Salon belief in treatment for each client has made Farah's Beauty Hair Salon a prominent player in the industry.